Fair pricing to save you money

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions that you are ever likely to make.  Equally in most cases it is your single largest asset that you possess and your pension too.
You have probably worked all hours to pay for your prized asset, gone without, why would you then want to pay over the odds to sell your home and pay an Estate agent thousands of pounds to sell your home?
More and more people are now waking up to the prices being charged when most Estate Agents use the same software to sell or rent properties such as Rightmove.  How can prices vary so much? With the same current technology now being used by most Estate agents, how can pricing not go down!
We at Senate Property focus on customer service and all our staff have had top customer service or sales roles at a high level and know what customer’s expectations are.
We aim to charge a fair price for our services and save money for our customers at the same time.
It’s time for change on pricing – that’s what our customers are telling us!
Why not give us a call and save yourself some money whilst still receiving a great service too.

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