Trying to sell your home? The modern buyer "Must Haves" have changed dramatically

Among the items shown in new survey are open fireplaces are out and mobile phone signal is in as tech needs influence homeowners must haves.

Forget authentic wooden beams, en suite bathrooms or even a conservatory, househunters now insist their dream home must have good mobile phone signal and space for a giant TV.
The extras once said to add value to a home such as being near good schools or period features will no longer have buyers queuing at the door, according to a list of of top 20 property ‘must haves’.
Instead the survey of 2,000 homeowners carried out by discovered the new dealbreakers are now fast broadband and satellite television.
However, previous preferences had not gone completely, with people wanting to combine an old fashioned dining room with a living room big enough for a 42 inch TV screen or larger.
Perhaps more surprisingly, even an en suite bathroom, solar panels and a burglar alarm are no longer deemed dealbreakers when looking for the ideal place to move into.
Instead, concerns over soaring energy prices mean central heating, double glazing and cavity wall insulation all feature in the table.
There are some basics too. A landline, a bath and a separate shower cubicle are must-haves.
So too is an additional toilet and off road parking. And while having good schools nearby is not important enough to make the list, new homeowners do need to know if the shops are close and that the neighbours are friendly, said the study.
Open fireplaces and wood burners may be trendy but they have also dropped off the top 20, said spokesman Ben Wilson.
He said: “Modern house-hunters prioritise warmth, security and technology over traditional fireplaces and other period features.
“Given the cost of gas and electricity in the last few years and the rise in the cost of living generally, energy efficiency has become an increasingly important consideration.
“The increasing role that technology and in-home entertainment plays in our everyday lives is also apparent.
“In particular, access to a good broadband connection and mobile phone signal were both ranked highly – making them modern home essentials.”

Top 20 property must have features

  1. Central heating
  2. Secure windows and doors
  3. Double glazing
  4. Good broadband speed (above 2Mb)
  5. A garden
  6. Land line telephone
  7. A bath
  8. Cooker
  9. Off road parking
  10. Strong mobile phone signal
  11. Local shops and amenities
  12. Friendly neighbours
  13. Good energy efficiency rating
  14. Shower cubicle
  15. Cavity wall insulation
  16. Satellite TV
  17. An extra toilet
  18. Garage
  19. Dining room
  20. Space for a 42 inch TV or bigger

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